Gasdrogen ranks among Russia’s ten largest oil companies in terms of oil production and in the top five companies in terms of refining; it has a considerable impact on the development of its operating regions and the Russian fuel and energy sector as a whole.

We aim for high achievements, but at the same time we are aware of our great responsibility. We view sustainable development activities as the philosophy behind the Company’s long-term development which makes it possible to harmonize successful business and basic human values and priorities of corporate and national development.

The Company’s efforts in the sphere of sustainable development are governed by the ISO / FDIS 26000 International Standard (Guidance on social responsibility) and guidelines on human rights, employment relations, environmental protection and anti-corruption measures set out in the UN Global Compact Blueprint for Corporate Sustainability Leadership. The Company prepares its reports in accordance with the Global Reporting Initiative 4 methodology for non-financial information disclosure, which is integrated into its own methods for preparing and gathering information. Commitment to sustainable development principles allows us to contribute substantially to making the Russian economy more competitive, to support social and economic development of our operating regions, to be a reliable partner of the government and all parties who are interested in creating a stable and favourable social environment.