The public disclosure of information implies ensuring its availability to all interested parties regardless of the goals of receiving of such information according to the procedure that guarantees its finding and receiving.

Information disclosure of the Company on the stock market bases on the principles of reliability, consistency and efficiency.

The existing Gasdrogen regulations prohibit the disclosure of confidential information or data containing confidential information among specific or an indefinite number of persons in any form available to perception, and prohibit the transfer of such information to the person who does not have access to them. Confidential information includesoffice and commercial secret.

Commercial secret – the information that is not state secret about production, financial, managerial, technological, financial and economic, legal, and other activities of the Company, to which access is limited by a number of people, disclosure, use and transfer of which to third parties may harm the interests of the Company.

Office Secrets – unclassified information concerning the internal organization of Gasdrogen operating, the restriction on the distribution of which is due to business necessity.