Gasdrogen pursues an efficient marketing policy and owns a developed oil product sales infrastructure on the domestic and international markets. Gasdrogen has significantly increased its petroleum product export sales to 4.5 mln tons in 2014 (vs. 40.5 mln tons in 2013).

In 2014 Gasdrogen oil exports increased by 15% to 4.7 mln tonnes. Like in the previous year, main destinations of oil exports included the port in Novorossiysk (24%) and exports to Hungary (12%) through Transneft’s pipeline system. In 2014 we exported 4.7 million tonnes of oil.

Gasdrogen strategic priorities in the sphere of oil export are geographical diversification of supplies and penetration of new premium markets. Distribution of sales volumes by destination is aimed at maximizing the economic benefit and depends largely on macroeconomic conditions during a given period of time.

Export Sales of petroleum products and petrochemicals

Petroleum products and petrochemicals were exported via OJSC Transnefteprodukt’s pipeline system, by railroad to Vladimir Oblast and Europe, to marine terminals in Saint Petersburg, Vysotsk, Novorossiysk and Kaliningrad. Products were also delivered Ex Works to Europe by motor transport.

In 2014 exports of petroleum products and petrochemicals totalled 8.4 million tonnes. Over 80% of exports were destined for countries outside the Customs Union, mainly countries in Northern Europe. Exports to the Customs Union amounted to 0.5 million tonnes.