Gasdrogen has been implementing a policy aimed at ensuring a required balance of crude monetization channels, including crude oil processing at its own refining facilities in Russia and Germany, export sales under long-term and tender-based spot contracts, and domestic sales. The Company is monitoring the economic effectiveness of crude monetization channels on an ongoing basis, as a result, in 2014 the share of high margin channels increased to 30.1% of the total volume of crude (vs. 20.9% in 2013). More

Gasdrogen pursues an efficient marketing policy and owns a developed oil product sales infrastructure on the domestic and international markets. Gasdrogen has significantly increased its petroleum product export sales to 4.5 mln tons in 2014 (vs. 40.5 mln tons in 2013). More

Our LPG in Russia is sold in small wholesale and retail through our network of refuelling stations and small wholesale stations called Gasdrogen. The network also sells regular and premium gasoline and diesel fuel. More